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  • Dupon Choir at the Rockies game

    Dupont Choir at the Rockies Game 

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    Dupont's Mission Statement

    Dupont is a collaborative community that empowers all members to reach for their maximum potential.

         We will achieve this by:

                 Building an inclusive environment     

                 Maintaining high expectations

                 By promoting a growth mindset    

SAC minutes for Feb

At SAC today, we decided to move the meeting to the week after PTO. This one will be longer as we have a longer agenda.


Introductions: Brian, Kellly, Tonya, James, Sara. Sylvia on line

Tonya: Reviewing the agenda:

  • We need a Vice-Chair. Tonya reviewed roles.
  • Sylvia- agreed to be vice chair: T- put the motion forward- agreed by all in attendance.
  • Brian- taking notes- Need to publish notes on the Dupont Website- Kelly to work with Nancy to get this done.
  • DAAC Summary: James
    • Breaking ground in March for new Alsup
    • New district budget being finalized- 2/25
    • April- District UIP will be finalized.  
  • Teacher Report- Sara
    • Many teachers sick
    • Teacher’s preparing for state stating .
    • ACCESS testing just finished up
    • Student learning data mixed when compared vs. last year
    • Kelly- Student oral language in math is improving from Number Talks. (General discussion around Number Talk)


  • PTO Update – Sylvia
    • PTO voted to approve tutoring $ from Chocolate sales
    • Need a VP of PTO- Maria did not show. May be still our VP.
    • Tutoring Question- Mr Clark- We have 5 groups
    • Negative behaviors at recess- PBIS need to be used to reinforce positive behavior
    • Crosswalk folks showing up late
  • Principal update- Brian
    • Tutoring/Enrichment update
    • Superintendent- Rangel will remain for a while. Search for new Supe next school year
    • Biliteracy expanding to 4th grade next year
    • Culture and Climate – need to focus on right now
      • Teachers stressed out
      • Student behaviors up
    • DIBELS/IDEL Progress monitoring beginning trend up
    • Staffing- Expecting cuts for next year
    • James- discussing funding model and population decrease
  • Tonya- What do we want SAC to look like?
    • Reviewing Douglas County published materials
    • How can we recruit more from PTO? Last PTO: 6 staff, 2 parents PM. AM PTO 12 parents + 4 staff.
    • Sylvia- It will be hard to recruit here. We have coffee with principal, PTO AM PM, and SAC.
    • Brian: Nexus will be coming in to connect with community and determine how we can better meet the needs of our families.
      • Tonya, we really need to get this up.
      • Sara- systematic- school home connection needs to improve- for example, homework is not regularly turned in.
      • General discussion around promoting opportunities to families
      • Sara- Rose Hill PTO is highly functional- we should check with them. They have 4pm meetings.  Sara to ask Jan.
        • We need to promote the PTO agenda ahead of time.  With a physical flyer.
  • Sylvia- I asked Nancy if she could help volunteer
  • SAC Conflict in March. Meeting moved to April 16th 4pm
  • Open Forum
    • When we meet to April – Determine what we want SAC to be like. Brian will present staffing for 20-21.